We understand that everyone has unique needs and wants when it comes to their kitchen and bathroom counters. That’s why we offer a wide range of materials to choose from, each with its own benefits and unique characteristics.

Solid Surface

Solid Surface is a non-porous acrylic countertop famous for its resistance to stains and bacteria. Solid Surface is available in hundreds of colors and many different brand types.

Solid surface, like quartz, is a manufactured product that combines natural elements with resins and pigments. Solid surface is a desirable product due to its mix of resins and pigments to create a non-porous material that can be installed with virtually no seams.

Solid Surface has an endless array of design possibilities due to its versatility, virtually seamless, organic shapes, bold effects of color and translucency. If you can dream it, you can create it!


For those seeking an affordable option with plenty of style options, we offer laminate countertops. This material offers a large selection of colors to meet any design needs, as well as the durability, affordability, and cleaning ease that many homeowners desire. With its seamless surface, laminate installations also have no grout lines, making them a low-maintenance option for busy households and businesses.


Stone countertops are unique in that no two pieces of granite or stone are exactly alike. Natural stone adds a richness and texture to your kitchen or bath. Granite adds an interesting design element to your home and is more durable than laminate.

Engineered stone is a surfacing material that results from a patented state-of-the-art technology that combines natural materials with binders and pigments through a unique manufacturing process.

Quartz Surfacing is a type of engineered stone material that is composed mainly of quartz: one of nature’s hardest elements, surpassed in strength only by diamonds, sapphires and topaz.

Whether you are remodeling or involved with new construction, granite countertops will  make a beautiful addition to your home.